More about Judge Dread

I remember that she said to me then, “I am very careful of my reputation as a judge.” With the way she carried herself, I thought she was someone to look up to. Someone who is worth putting up high on a pedestal. Someone who is brilliant. Now that I have been in the practice for more than 2 years, I found out that she is not worth a minute of my time.

I thank God I was not accepted as a Branch Clerk of  Court in her court. I may sound like sour graping. I don’t care. I hate myself for believing that she was someone great. I hate my self for being patient with her despite being rude to me. I hate myself for turning a blind eye on how she was  treating her staff. I should have considered those as indications that she is a mean person.

The Public Attorney assigned in her court told me stories that tell how crazy she really is. She would antagonize the public attorney. Most of the time she would ask the lawyers who appear in her court if they know their law. That’s rude. You don’t embarass lawyers who appear before you. Maybe she obtained mastery of the law because she took the bar exams more than once. Who cares if she graduated from UP Law. Nothing changes the fact that she took the bar exams more than once. How no brainer.

She is also the butt of jokes among lawyers and judges because she banged the gavel 20 times!

The public attorney assigned in court told me this incident when the lawyer who was the reason why she banged the gavel 20 times appeared before her. She was smiling for no reason at all. Maybe to mock the lawyer. This lawyer asked the judge why she was smiling for no reason at all. She said that she was just being charming. She even asked the accused if she was charming. Haha! That’s the greatest lie I ever heard in my entire life.

I also got to talk to my Branch Clerk of Court. She said that there were cases re-raffled to the court where I appear. She was lamenting that this one case which came from this Judge Dread’s court is so thick. Why? There were several manifestations and motions left unresolved. Judge Dread’s orders are merely “NOTED”. Even the Formal Offer of Evidence are noted. What the Fu*k!  You just either admit them subject to their probative value or deny them! God! Most lawyers know her as Judge Noted!

Now I know that she’s indeed very careful of her reputation as a judge. Little does she know that she’s the one craeting havoc on her reputation.



judgment day

This morning, four of my cases were initial defense. It was quite taxing. There was also one cross examination. After that, there were four promulgation. I was nervous actually. I always feel that way whenever I have promulgation. The first one was a Murder case. My client was found guilty of Homicide because the aggravating circumstances that would qualify the crime to muder were not proven by the prosecution. That is a victory already. My second case was also Murder. The accused was also found guilty of Homicide. There were mitigating circumstances. In two years time, he will be released from detention. Because of these two convictions, my clients were nervous already. The third case was an Acquittal! It ‘s a drug case actually. I heard the accused said, “Yes!” the last one was also a drug case. He got acquitted also. In these drug cases, the provision of Section 21 of RA 9165 was not followed. the integrity of the corpus delicti was not preserved. Hence the acquittal. as to the first murder case, there was positive identification. My client’s defense was an alibi. He also committed flight which is an indication of guilt.

With all these, I am happy! finally, I am reaping the harvest of my previous hardwork–yes, the sleepless nights I went through just to win these cases. Somehow, I am proving myself as a lawyer. Someday, I will be a public prosecutor. Who knows it might be soon.

minus 3 from the jail inmates

hello. this morning, i got 2 cases set for promulgation. both cases are RA 9165 or illegal drugs-related cases. I have 2  accuseed in the first case and in the other, I have  a sole accuse. As expected, I got my acquittals in both cases. See? The other one lives in Manila. This is in the province. I had to give him  P200.00 for his bus fare.

I am very happy the entire day. It’s like I’m walking on air. They are now released from prison.

BTW, I heard that each prisoner has a budget of P 48.00 per day! Yes you got it right. It’s per day and not per meal.

unmarried wife

Two days ago, a walk-in client went to our office to ask our help. Her story goes like this: She heard news that she has no husband anymore. You might think that his husband disappeared. No!! She went to NSO to secure a copy of her marriage certificate. Much to her surprise, she found an annotation thereon stating that her marriage has been annulled way back last year!  She’s clueless how it happened. She did not receive any notice or legal process from the court which nullified her marriage.

I advised her to secure a copy of the records  of the case at this court which I would rather no mention here.

The court

Manic Wednesday

Early morning today, I went to court to get the calendar of cases set for tomorrow. After that I went to the office. I expected to be busy because I am the officer of the day.

When I came, there was aclient waiting for me already. Oh, yes! They are the petitioner in one case. I already made a draft of the petition before and I only needed to finalize it.

 When I finished it, there was this another client who asked me if it was possible for the complainants who were barangay kagawads to execute an affidavit of desistance in a certain  Crime against Public Officers. I said that it was not allowed. My fiscal assigned in that court is none other than the Deputy Regional State Prosecutor. But I told him that he can plead guilty to a lesser offense of resistance with a penalty of fine in the amount of Php 100.00.

After that, another client came. He  previously asked for an appointment. I made a compromise agreement and an affidavit of desistance and I gave it to them.

And then, a walk-in client went to the office to consult me about his neighbor who moved the  “muon” or boundary of his prcel of land. I was thinking of Article 313 of the Revised Penal Code which is Altering boundaries or landmark. However, I learned that it happened sometime in April of this year. Oh, No! It has prescribed already. The complainant has only two (2) months for light felonies to file a criminal action against the culprit. I told him that.

By that time, my energy was already at its lowest. Much to my disappointment, another client came. She consulted me about the case she filed against those who bumped the motorcycle of his son which resulted to the latter’s death.

It was 4:30 PM already and still I have not yet studied my cases set for tomorrow’s hearing. Oh, Lord! I have 4 initial defense. I should be at the jail talking to my clients at that time. I also have 2 cross exams tomorrow. Hahaha! Okey.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!

waltzing with fiscal

She holds a high position in the National Prosecution Service. She is my fiscal at this MTCC where I appear. No objectionable questions could escape her. Being a new lawyer ( I mean I have less than 5 years experience.), I learned a lot from her.

Last Monday, I learned that she’s my fiscal at this RTC where I am assigned. O Lord! I’ll have nosebleed every Monday and Tuesday. God help me.

Home sick

For three days now, I have been sick. I went on leave two days ago because of my scoliosis and LBM at the same time. Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well yet but I forced myself to go to work because I needed to be there. I scheduled a conference. What is this? I acted as a mediator so that the parties would amicably settle their marital woes. To think that I haven’t got married yet. After that, I finished two different petitions. Last night, I felt sick again. hence, i did not go to work and I was absent in my hearing today. Gosh! I feel sorry for my clients.

Tomorrow, I have to be ok because I have a case set for Pre-trial Conference. The other counsel will come from Makati. It would be unfair if I wouldn’t be there.

I noticed that I haven’t been myself lately. The vigor and enthusiasm is fading away. I don’t kn ow what is happening to me. It seems I have lost it.

beauty madness

I realized that i am not getting any younger. I am in my earliest 30s already. I have to do something  to “arrest” my ageing process.  Lawyering is a very stressful profession. Aside from the caseloads, there are those difficult to deal with clients. I know that eventually, I will get pld but I know also that there are ways I can take so that I will age slowly.

My solution for this is dermaaaaA! Yes, I already inquired about this uber expensive derma clinic- House of ____. I have to wait for a longer vacation for my cautery. After that, I will buy their creams. I want to be sexy and beautiful and feisty public attorney!

From now on I will be mad for my own beauty.


In the office a while ago, one of the staff in the office told me that I am losing weight already. wow! that’s music to my ears. When I go to Bohol and Cebu this November, I want to be fit and Fabulous as ever! just like the old days.