The woman is insane.

The mother of this controversial accused really nakes my blood boil. She’s thinking that she is really famous just because of the book that I did not even bother reading.


Merry Christmas to all.

What is happening to our country?

I feel hatred towards Jason Ivler for shooting and killing the son of Usec. Ebarle. He is just a foreigner in the first place. Yes it is true that his mother is a Filipina. In fact, his mother is a sister of Freddie Aguilar. But, still, the fact remains that he is an American citizen. He should have not acted as if he is someone with a right to act arrogantly. He is just a damn foreigner. He is no  more than a damn visitor in this country.

I learned that he was in fact involved in a traffic accident which resulted to the death of a presidential adviser in 2004. Damn you, Ivler! May God throw your soul into the darkest pit of hell. May your love ones suffer the fate you caused to the people you killed.

Now let us go to what happened in Maguindanao. What happened to the Mangudadatus? Are the perpetrators really the Ampatuans? Whoever will be the perpetrators, may we see them arrested. 

What goes around, comes around. Nothing more, nothing less.

New Year, New Work?

To be a public attorney means overwork, so much patience, etc. The compensation, no  matter how much it will be raised will never be commensurate to the workload. Sometimes, I feel that the work is just too much. I have to go to the jail to visit my clients most of the time. I have to patient to clients who are makulit. I have to handle like twelve to fifteen cases per day in one court; twenty cases in one court; and give advise to walk-in clients; and so much more.

Public Attorneys are not allowed to choose their cases. As long as the merit test and indigency test are complied with, then, he must represent it in court. There are other things which I would not write anymore.

All these has taken its toll already on me. I am contemplating of transferring to another workplace. I guess I am about to leave by next year. There are three  work offers already. The first is a private bank. the second is a government bank. The third is an independent constittional commission.

Hay, buhay.

Entry and Withdrawal of Appearance

It is highly unethical for a lawyer to enter his appearance in a case without first asking the lawyer on record to withdraw his appearance. This happened to me twice already. I was really fuming  mad. That is basic in law school. It’s very disappointing that some lawyers forget this.

I am thinking of writing a complaint to the Office of the Court Administrator.


So tired…

There are times when I get tired of attending hearings. Last week, I felt this way. I was thinking of looking for a new workplace. However, I changed my mind when I attended the hearing today. I realized why I am here. I’m back to the groove!

Judge Bar Flunker

 May I tell you about this  woman judge named MA Fid*r-R*y*s who acts has if she was perfect. Yes, she’s a graduate of one of the leading schools in the country. Yes, she took her Masters Degree in Europe. But that’s the end of it. She took the bar exams more than once. You could hear the staff contemplating of resigning or retiring because she’s very difficult to deal with.

Sala sa init, sala sa lamig ka sa kanya. there is always wrong in whatever a person does. She thinks highly of herself . I was thinking that there must be a reason why she acts like this. Maybe she’s hiding inside her superiority complex because she has aflaw that she wanted to hide. And I was right. Haha!

There was an incident when this judge went to this RTC Br__ to scold one of the staff. She was fuming mad. She said that she will report him to the OCA so for the sake of his family, she should follow her immediately. But the staff being a law graduate did not obey the high and mighty judge. The court staff instead went to the pairing judge of his RTC Br_.

The pairing judge brought the matter to the executive judge and the executive judge called the high and mighty judge who took the bar exams more than once. And there pairing judge defended the actuations of the court staff. The protocol is the judge will communicate to a fellow judge. It was said that high and Mighty Judge cried a bucket of tears!

One time, Pairing Judge mentioned it to a chummy. And chummy asked, “Di po ba pareho kayonbg graduate sa ___?” Pairing Judge who is known for her intelligence said, “Excuse me! I took the bar exams only once!”

So you see? Pag feeling superior yung tao, may skeleton in the closet din yun. She’s the one suffering fromlack of self-confidence.

Before applying for the position of clerk of court, ask first if the judge treats her staff well. Baka siya ang maging judge niyo.

Don’t be the Judge

Yesterday, I moved for the reopening of the pre-trial because the accused would like to plead guilty to a lesser offense. The alleged crime in the information was attempted homicide. I was asking the Fiscal that this crime reduced to Less Physical Injuries. However, she suggested that the crime be reduced to Serious Physical Injuries under paragraph No. 4 with the penalty of arresto mayor to prision correccional.

When I was asked on what crime should the accused plead guilty, I said Serious Physical Injuries. But I was cut by  Judge Cap*le who said that, “e di pinakulong mo iyong kliyente mo? Diyos ko.” Her eyes getting bigger. So, I said Less Physical Injuries. At least,it was favorable to my client.

Pero, I wanted to tell the Judge that “Please, Judge, you look at the codal. There is a penalty of aresto mayor under Serious Physical Injuries No. 4. You became a Judge pero di mo alam yun. You’re such a big joke. Bakit ka naging Judge? Siguro naghanap ka lang ng backer no. Ang arte mo pa. Pwede mo siyang sentensyahan ng arresto menor. ginawa yun nung isa kong judge.” I almost blurted that out to her.

You see, fellow new lawyers. Not all Judges are marunong. Take Judge CM Cap*le as an example.

Ping Box! Box Ping!

I am getting tired of the privilege speech of the senators. They are using the august hall of the Senate to express their personal views on things. I will not vote for this senator who lambasts a former President. I am not a fan of the former President. But I don’t think it is proper for Senator PL to resort in such vulgar way. He is just hiding under the cloak of the privilege speech.

Why don’t he take everything to the courts of justice where everyone will be given the chance to air his side?

Uhm… buddy’s man

I’m losing faith on the integrity of our Ombudsman. The outcome of the complaint against the the Presidential son is a test in the water. We’ll see if the “independent body” is really as it should be.

Right after passing the bar, I wanted to join an organization where the head was also the “head” of a certain organization for lawyers. For some reasons, I did not push through with my plan. Judge Dread was a director there kaya di na ko tumuloy. Yes, the judge who thinks highly of herself pero  naman! she took the bar exams more than once, as confirmed by another Judge. Pareho sila ni “the head”

I realized that I don’t belong there. It’s a group of insecure and conceited individuals.


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